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Limited Edition Gourmet Salt Sampler
The Limited Edition Fusion Flavored Salt Sampler collections are a delicious way to introduce an assortment of all natural flavored sea salt to any meal. This Fusion Gourmet set comes complete with five different salts (approximately .5 to .8 ounces each) in mini glass jars with hand-milled cork tops, 3 stainless salt spoons, and 3 salt serving bowls for sampling & display.
Mediterranean Dry Rub
Our salt-free Mediterranean dry rub will give you a hint of the exotic flavor of the Mediterranean. It can be used as a dry rub or wet rub (combine with olive oil) with chicken, fish, and pork chops. You can also sprinkle this on a Greek salad or on potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots or summer squash.
Olio Fresca Italian Seasoning Mix
Mix this blend of oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary, red pepper, black pepper, and salt with your favorite D'Avolio olive oil for bread dipping or dressings. Can also be sprinkled on vegetables, meat, and poultry for that extra flair.
Parmesan-Parsley Fettuccine Gourmet Pasta
Fresh herbal flavor of Parmesan-Parsley Fettuccine goes perfectly with veggies, seafood, meat, poultry, and/or cheese.
Parmesan-Parsley Linguine Gourmet Pasta
Parmesan-Parsley Linguine Gourmet Pasta is one of our favorites! Try it with veggies, seafood, meat, poultry or cheese.
Pepper Pesto Gourmet Pasta Sauce Mix
Pepper Pesto Gourmet Pasta Sauce Mix is an easy to make dry pesto mix that is a blend of all natural cheeses, herbs and spices.
Rosemary-Thyme Fettuccine Gourmet Pasta
Our Rosemary-Thyme Fettuccine Gourmet Pasta will add savory flavor to your favorite pasta dish.
Rossi Gluten-Free Classic Radiatore
NEW! Cooks in 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Delicious gluten-free, all-natural gourmet pasta as only Rossi Pasta could create!
Rossi Gluten-Free Garlic! Radiatore
If you love the aroma of garlic, then meet your perfect match! Made with fresh garlic, black pepper and Italian peppers. 10oz.