Olive Oils

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Arbequina EVOO, Chile, Medium Intensity
Produced in early May, this early harvest Arbequina displays a creamy mouth feel and a nice pungent finish. Notes include savory artichoke and fresh cut grass. Lingering spiciness.
Arbosana EVOO, Chile, Mild Intensity
This delicate Arbosana is sweet and fruity with a creamy mouthfeel. Flavor notes include green almond and banana. More pungent than bitter, this mild oil is very balanced.
Coratina EVOO, Uruguay, Robust Intensity
This outstanding example of Coratina from Uruguay is intensely herbaceous and grassy with notes of green almond & cinnamon. High in phenolic content, this beautiful oil displays complex green fruit characteristics and a nice pepper finish. Bold and Tuscan in style. A favorite for the olive oil connoisseur…
Frantoio/Leccino EVOO, Chile, Medium Intensity
Delightfully herbaceous & spicy, this small batch single estate produced early harvest blend is comprised of fruity & early ripening Leccino and green Frantoio varieties. Flavor notes include green apple and banana.
Hojiblanca EVOO, Australia, Medium Intensity
The Australian Hojiblanca is viscous & creamy. Dominant notes include green apple, green banana and stone fruit. Pungent! Consistently one of our most popular and approachable extra virgin olive oils!
Picual EVOO, Australia, Medium Intensity
This early Harvest Picual displays interesting vegetal notes and flavors of tomato and savory herb.