Olive Oils

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Arbequina EVOO, Chile, Medium Intensity
Produced in early May, this early harvest Arbequina displays a nice pungent finish. Notes include artichoke and grass. Lingering spiciness.
Arbosana EVOO, Chile, Medium Intensity
This complex Arbosana olive oil is floral and fruity with a creamy mouth feel. Flavor notes are layered & include green almond, savory herb, banana & apple. Medium intensity & very balanced.
Frantoio EVOO, South Africa, Medium Intensity
This delicate Frantoio displays minimal bitterness, dried herb and tea leaf notes.
Koroneiki EVOO, Chile, Robust Intensity
This award winner is herbaceous and grassy with notes of green banana, green apple, and herb.
Pendolino EVOO, Australia, Mild Intensity
This delicate Tuscan variety displays notes of sweet berry & floral, grassy aromas. Viscous and malty with the perfect amount of pepper and low bitterness.
Picual EVOO, Chile, Mild Intensity
This EVOO is herbaceous with notes of herbs, green tomato leaves and green grass.