Olive Oils

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Arbequina EVOO, California, Medium Intensity
Delicate and fruity, this California Arbequina contains notes of almond, artichoke and avocado. A creamy center gives way to a slightly pungent finish. Very little bitterness.
Arbequina “Melgarejo” EVOO, Spain
More pungent than bitter, this early harvest Spanish Arbequina boasts notes of creamy avocado and green almond. For those who prefer an oil with little bitterness, this oil is sure to please.
Arbosana EVOO, Organic, Mild Intensity
Certified organic, early harvest Arbosana olives are picked and quickly crushed to create this lovely, delicate, creamy extra virgin olive oil with notes of green almond and artichoke.
Cobrançosa, EVOO Portugal
Historically one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere evoos, the Portuguese Cobrancosa is unique, floral and complex. Layered with creamy flavors that linger, this uncommon variety also has fruity berry notes.
Coratina EVOO, Italy, Robust Intensity
Extremely creamy and viscous, this early harvest Robust Italian Coratina is both herbaceous and pungent displaying spicy arugula and other herbaceous qualities.
Koroneiki EVOO, California, Medium Intensity
This very popular California Koroneiki displays green fruit and herbaceous notes of: pronounced green apple peel, cut grass and slight herb. More pungent than bitter, a solid Medium intensity pick!
Picual EVOO Oro Bailen
Crafted by one of the most decorated producers in the world, this early harvest green Picual has a nose that will knock your socks off. This award winner displays complex herbaceous notes of green olive, green tea, green tomato & green peach skin.
Picual EVOO, Organic, Spain
A Classic example of super early harvest extra virgin olive oil. Dominant green fruit characteristics include: green olive, artichoke, herb, tomato leaf and bitter endive. Lingering bitter finish and visually stunning.