Olive Oils

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Arbequina "Oro Bailen" EVOO, Spain
A medium fruity fresh olives, with the aromas of green grasses and wheat interspersed with the fruity notes which are a characteristic of arbequino; almond, apple and ripe banana.
Arbosana EVOO, California, Mild Intensity
Slightly floral & buttery with a slight pepper finish, this delicate oil also displays savory notes of creamy artichoke and banana. Made in November, our early harvest California Arbosana represents a smaller lot production. Very little bitterness!
Cobrancosa, EVOO Portugal
Historically one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere EVOOS, the Portuguese Cobrançosa is viscous and complex. Layered with creamy flavors and green fruity undertones of green apple and almond. This unique Portuguese variety will develop a loyal following.
Coratina Gran Cru EVOO, Italy, Robust Intensity
Coratina Gran Cru EVOO is made from hand-picked olives. Displays herbaceous qualities and notes of green apple. Unique, floral finish. Clean, crisp and pungent!
Hojiblanca "Melgarejo" EVOO, Spain Robust Intensity
Intense green fruity characteristics with hints of grass, mint, nettle, blackberry and green apple.
Koroneiki EVOO, California, Mild Intensity
Apple peel aroma & slight floral notes give way to flavors of ripe banana. Balanced with minimal bitterness and slightly more pepper, our delicate Early Harvest California Koroneiki has a slightly pungent finish.
Mission EVOO, California, Robust Intensity
Grassy & bold our California Mission EVOO was produced extremely early to our exacting specification and touts a high phenolic content of 400ppm. A huge nose displays green, grassy notes. Flavors are layered and complex with a fleeting bitter center & pungent peppery finish.
Picual "Melgarejo" EVOO, Spain, Robust Intensity
Intense green fruity characteristics with hints of apple, grass, green almonds, green banana skin and tomato.
Picual EVOO Oro Bailen
Shiny green color, it is an oil with an intense fruity flavor of fresh olive and a great complexity of herbaceous and fruity aromas, with green banana, almond and green tomato standing out. It is voluminous and well-structured in the mouth, with great expressiveness, sweet and slightly spicy.