Gourmet Foods and Spices

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Alfredo Cheese Gourmet Pasta Sauce Mix
Enjoy our creamy Alfredo Cheese Gourmet Pasta Sauce in the comfort of your home. This reach and creamy classic sauce will compliment almost any kind of pasta.
Basik's Angler Blend
Make any fresh caught or store bought fish taste great with Basik's Angler hand-crafted blend.
Basik's Authentic Southwest Blend
This all natural, sugar-free, gluten-free spice blend brings the taste of the Southwest to your meals.
Basik's Hunter's Blend
Basik's Hunter's Blend will bring the taste of the outdoors to the dinner table.
Basik's Italian Table Blend
Basik's Italian Table Blend has been blended to compliment any Italian dish.
Basik's Jerk Blend
Basik's Jerk Blend comes with big flavor and not a lot of heat to use on beef, chicken, pork, fish or veggies. It contains traditional jerk ingredients; allspice, chipotle, cloves and nutmeg for bang without bite.
Basik's Key West Citrus Blend
Basik's Key West Citrus Blend is a light and sunny blend of zesty citrus and floral flavors. The citrus spice the way it should be!
Basik's Original Blend
This all natural, sugar-free, gluten-free spice blend was created to make everything you cook taste better.
Basik's Prime Rub Blend
Basik's Prime Rub Blend is not your average prime rib blend. Use it on beef, chicken, fish or veggies of any kind. You’ll love this blend!
Basik's Salt-Free Blend
This blend will bring out the natural flavors of any dish without adding extra sodium.
Basik's Taco Blend
Basik's Taco Blend is perfect for making tacos, nachos, burritos and all sorts of other ethnic dishes.
Basik's Wings n'More Blend
Buffalo, NY is famous for its chicken wings! We love wings from local Buffalo wings mecca and wanted to be able to make them at home, so now you can too with Basik's Wings n'More Blend!
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