Body and Bath

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80 ACRES® Body Balm
80 ACRES® Body Balm is a handcrafted blend of 97% organic ingredients, it's rich in natural antioxidants, intensively moisturizing the skin to deeply nourish and protect.
80 ACRES® Hand and Body Lotion
Emollient and healing, this ultra-rich lotion is a blend of olive, sunflower, jojoba and grapeseed oils infused with aloe vera, chamomile and lavender. 80 Acres Hand & Body Lotion is rich in antioxidants and deeply hydrating.
80 ACRES® Hand and Body Lotion - Travel Size
Emollient and healing, this ultra-rich lotion is a blend of olive, sunflower, jojoba and grape seed oils infused with aloe vera, chamomile and lavender. Rich in antioxidants and deeply hydrating, you'll want to take it with you wherever you go.
80 ACRES® Hand and Body Wash
Our beautifully scented and luxurious foaming wash draws upon the bounty of nature and a wide array of healing herbs and powerful plant extracts to moisturize and gently cleanse the skin.
80 ACRES® Lip Balm Tube
This lip balm is a handcrafted blend of 97% organic ingredients. With added cocoa butter and rich in vitamin E, this balm is silky and smooth.
OLIVELLA® Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Special natural anti-aging face formula, rich of beech buds and bio-technologic originated hyaluronic acid, which respects sensitive skins, yet fights cutaneous aging.
OLIVELLA® Body Lotion
OLIVELLA? Body Lotion is formulated with 100% Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin A, E in a fresh and light texture. Use regularly after showering helps to nourish and hydrate your skin leaving only pure satisfaction.
OLIVELLA® Conditioner
Formulated with Natural Virgin Olive Oil. The Olive hydrating cream conditioner revives and restores dry damaged hair. An ultra-rich daily moisturizing conditioner that detangles and hydrates normal, dry, or chemically treated hair.
OLIVELLA® Daily Facial Cleansing Tissues
Olivella Daily Facial Cleansing Tissues are made with 100% virgin olive oil so they carry the same great benefits for the skin that all of the other Olivella products posses; anti-aging properties, natural antioxidants, and Vitamins A&E.
OLIVELLA® Moisturizer Face Cream
Olivella Moisturizer Cream has a surprising natural texture, derived by a technology which manages to combine the softness of a cream to the lightness of a gel gently hydrating, granting immediate brightness to the face and an intense fresh pleasant feeling.
OLIVELLA® Nourishment Face Cream
Olivella Nourishment Cream is a natural night and day face cream, rich yet light and extremely absorbable, non-greasy, leaves skin perfectly nourished, granting an immediate pleasant feeling and an extraordinary vitality and softness.
The OLIVELLA? shampoos leave your hair shiny, restored, and soft to the touch. Created using an innovative formula with containing Natural ingredients and Olive Extract for normal, dry, or color treated hair. Cleanses hair while adding benefits of antioxidants (Vitamin A & E and Polyphenols) to give hair strength, vitality, and luster.
Root Candles Awaken
AWAKEN - Sparkling zesty lime, orange and grapefruit flourish with cool green basil, cilantro and thyme.
Root Candles Detoxify
DETOXIFY - Cooling spearmint and tea tree oil cleanses and relaxes the olfactory system, creating an environment for detoxification.
Root Candles Devote
DEVOTE - The sanctity of myrrh and the elegance of jasmine, together with clover, amber and the champaca flower, calms the mind and focuses your energy.
Root Candles Energize
ENERGIZE - The bright orange color along with the energizing essential oils of rosemary and eucalyptus give an immediate lift, touch of rejuvenation, energy and invigoration.
Root Candles Entice
ENTICE - The spicy scent of clove stimulates the mood and the juicy orange adds refreshment.
Root Candles Meditate
Meditate - Citrus, Myrhh and Olibanum combine to create focus, relaxation and clarity essential for the journey of meditation.