D'Avolio Olive Oils and Vinegars Logo and PDF Files

D'Avolio Olive Oils & Vinegars (D'Avolio) makes available its company logo for use only by permission in publications, both printed and electronic for the purpose of promotion of D'Avolio products and services.

Please follow these guidelines when using the logo.

To stage the logo properly, maintain a minimum distance equal to 10% of the logo size all around, limited to a maximum of 1.00". For example, a logo that is designed as 4.5" must have a white space of 0.45" all around.

Whenever possible, Use the color version of the logo as defined in the file. For electronic placement, the colors are based on 256 web-safe color scheme. In TIF format, the color is 16.7 million RGB.

The logo should be placed on a simple, uncluttered background to ensure readability. The logo should not be placed over images or over colors that contrast with the native colors of the logo.

Size and Shape:
The D'Avolio logo is designed with set portions in width and height. The logo should be displayed with no skew, stretched, distorted or in outlined versions.
Davolios Logo D'Avolio Olive Oils & Vinegars Logo Files
TIFF format
17" x 11" 300 DPI (Zipped File)
7" x 11" 300 DPI (Zipped File)
JPEG Format
17" X 11" 300 DPI (Zipped File)
7" x 11" 300 DPI
PNG Format
450 Pixels Wide, White Background
450 Pixels Wide, Clear Background
300 Pixels Wide, Clear Background
EPS Format
17" X 11"
8.5" X 5.5"
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