June 2012 Welcome to the D'Avolio eNewsletter Edition 2012.5

D'Avolio now in Ellicottville!

D'Avolio inside Dom's Butcher BlockIn May D'Avolio Olive Oils, Vinegars and more expanded into Ellicottville! You can find us in Dom's Butcher Block at 38 Market Street.

Dom's Butcher Block is a family owned and operated business and carries the same family values that D'Avolio is famous for. We are proud to bring these fine businesses together.


Olive Oil Health Benefits—Blood Pressure

Health Benefits—Blood PressureHealthy blood pressure levels are an indicator of how clear the body's arteries are. When blood pressure levels get out of balance, they can signal a potential heart attack or stroke. High blood pressure levels are often caused by the hardening of the arteries (aka atherosclerosis). This hardening occurs when oxidized particles of 'bad' LDL cholesterol stick to the walls of the arteries. Over time, these particles build up and form plaque, narrowing the blood vessels and putting a heavier workload on the heart as it pumps oxygenated blood to the entire body.

One of the primary compounds found in olive oil that directly combats this build-up is called oleuropein. Oleuropein has been found by scientists to prevent the 'bad' LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and sticking to the arterial walls.

In our "Your Health" section found on davolios.com, we detail the health benefits of Olive Oils in your diet. Visit here to read the complete article "Olive Oil Health Benefits—Blood Pressure"

Additional information can be found at:

WebMD: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Reduces Need for Blood Pressure Medication
eHow: How Does Olive Oil Lower Blood Pressure?
International Olive Council: Olive oil and blood pressure
UC Davis: Nutrition and Health
The American Heart Association: Mediterranean Diet


Summer is almost here, Start Grilling with Olive Oil

Summer GrillingVirgin and extra-virgin oils are best used uncooked or cooked at low to medium temperatures. Olive oils have a higher smoke point than most other oils (about 400 degrees Fahrenheit).

Tips for Cooking with Olive Oil

Although extra-virgin olive oils stand up to heat remarkably well, they do lose flavor as they're heated. Use them to harmonize the spices in a dish, to enhance and build flavors, and to add body and depth.

Use Olive Oils as the main ingredient in marinades such as our Naples Steak Verde Sauce highlighted in this weeks eNewsletter. During grilling drizzle it over vegetables being careful not to over-spray causing flair-ups.

Here are more tips for using EVOO during grilling:

  • Drizzled over grilled fish such as halibut or red snapper
  • Brush it on meats before grilling to seal in the meat flavor and juices and to create a crispy exterior
  • Sprinkled over grilled slices of artisan bread
  • As a basting liquid for grilled Cornish hens or chicken
  • Combined with chopped garlic and freshly cracked pepper, then brushed on meat, vegetables or slices of eggplant
  • Combine Peaches with caramelized garlic and a touch of olive oil to create a nice chutney to go with your grilled pork chops
  • Remember - you never want to have something dripping with olive oil when you put it on the grill

Are wedding plans in the future?

Wedding Rings

The flowers are bought, the church and reception hall awaits and all the details are completed. Well almost. Add that one special touch to your special wedding day by creating your own labelled Olive Oil and Vinegar favors. Each favor is printed with a custom label and colored ribbon. Contact our Custom Product Specialist to help design that perfect favor for you and your guests.


D'Avolio Kitchen - Something for you.....

D'Avolio KitchenThe D'Avolio Kitchen is now open! Well...almost. We are excited and a little tired. Moving across the street from our first Williamsville store over one weekend was a task we are thankful is over. With every box, every bottle and every product moved we saw the Kitchen forming into something special.

The new store is open to sample and buy all the same products that were available in the previous store and soon....the Kitchen will be open! As we finalize our menu, and install the new appliances, we will keep you informed on this exciting new concept.

Come and visit our concept store. Do you want to try our sauces or soups? All products are made with the freshest Olive Oils, Vinegars and spices in WNY - all from D'Avolio! Imagine learning of these products and then receive the recipe also! Now you can expand your culinary skills at home. We will have many exciting foods to try and order.

Offering products for purchasing will not be our only focus. After business hours we will close our doors, but we will not stop our business. The D'Avolio Kitchen will be offering private tasting, small dinner gatherings or other special events up to 50 people! Imagine a fun filled tasting experience for you and a group of friends with wine, cheese, assorted Hors d'oeuvre and of course our D'Avolio Olive Oils and Vinegars.

Upcoming Dates
Important Dates in June

1 - National Doughnut Day

Really? We had to highlight this day for no other reason than to have some fun. Created in 1938 to honor the women who served solders during World War I.

3 - Cancer Survivor's Day

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual, worldwide Celebration of Life that is held in hundreds of communities on the first Sunday in June. Studies have shown that simply replacing saturated fats with olive oil can improve HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol).

17 - Father's Day

A celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Olive Oils make a great Father's Day Gift!

Perfect Pairings

"May" we entice you?

D'Avolio has chosen two recipes this month to accent the month of June. Start your grilling season with Grilled Lamb Chops and then relax with Decadent Chocolate Fudge.

Grilled Lamb Chops with Garlic and Olive Oil

Grilled Lamb Chops with Garlic and Olive OilA wonderful recipe bringing together a robust EVOO, Lemons and Grilled Lamb. Perfect for Father's Day!

Decadent Chocolate & Aged Espresso Balsamic FudgeFinish your meal with a Decadent Chocolate & Aged Espresso Balsamic Fudge.


Perfect Pairings

What do you do with all the available choices in Olive Oils and Vinegars. Visit our Perfect Pairings suggestions and enjoy new taste combinations.


A surprising combination! D'Avolio Tuscan Herb Oil and Ripe Peach Balsamic Vinegar. An amazing vinaigrette drizzled over pears or in salads.

Perfect Pairings

CCFA Fundraising Walk
6/10/2012, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Independent Health Wellness Fair
6/14/2012, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Buffalo Spree's Best of WNY Party
6/20/2012 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Gerard Place Art Auction
6/21/2012 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Wines in the Wild
7/25/2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Check out our complete list of D'Avolio Events for dates and locations

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