Arbequina EVOO, California, Mild Intensity

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About The Product

This California Arbequina has a creamy almond center and delicate pepper notes on the back end. This is a great baking oil, perfect for confectionary applications.

*Biophenols: 236.9ppm              FFA:  0.28

Oleic Acid: 63.8                         Peroxide: 3.3

DAGs: 88.9                               *PPP: <1.0

Squalene: 2,300.73                   A-Tocopherols:

*As measured at the time of crush

Customer Reviews


  1. David

    I’ve never written a review for anything, especially food related because everyone has unique tastes. However, I have to let people know that this is amazing stuff. I live in western Illinois now and have order it. Just ran out and need to restock!

  2. joseph

    Don’t show me an image of this vinegar in a nice cruet and then ship a plain bottle.Vinegar is good,though.

  3. Marisa

    Great taste! its real italian high quality balsamic vinegar. i love all of their products but this especially will be a staple of my mine to have in my kitchens amongst the other gourmet vinegars.

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