Arbequina EVOO, Chile, Robust, 750ml

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About The Product

NEW ARRIVAL! We are now in the Southern Hemisphere oils!

This ROBUST Arbequina displays notes of cut grass, green almond and savory artichoke.  Fresh grassy front with a peppery finish.  The oil has a nice creamy body with medium-high values of bitterness and spiciness.

Country of Origin: Chile

Crush Date: May 2020

Robust Intensity

*Biophenols: 413.3 ppm

Oleic Acid: 72.5

FFA: 0.22

*PPP: less than 1.0

*as measured at the time of crush




Customer Reviews


  1. Mary

    All my bottles have this pour spout. When the bottle is empty I pop it out, wash it, and it is ready to use again!

  2. Marisa

    This is a wonderful creation. It dispenses the perfect amount of oil or vinegar that is necessary. Another reason why i liked it was because all of the oils and vinegars come with a cork top and eventually after continuous use they tend to deteriorate or break off, this just avoids it. Totally worth the investment in each bottle you buy.

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