D’Avolio Asian Rice Blend

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We created a satisfying combination of dazzling green Bamboo Rice, gourmet Himalayan Red Rice and sweet, sticky Sushi Rice in the delicious mix of our Asian Rice Blend.


About The Product

Asian Rice Blend is a dynamic mixture of Himalayan Red Rice, Bamboo Rice and Sushi Rice. Himalayan Red Rice has a firm and hearty texture, a nutty flavor and rosy color. Bamboo Rice is a short-grain Asian white rice that has been infused with bamboo juice, lending a slight jasmine green tea taste and a gorgeous jade green color. Sushi Rice is glutinous short-grained Japanese rice, white in color with a mild, sweet flavor. The colorful presentation, fluffy and firm textures and delicately sweet and nutty flavors make it a wonderful choice for meals showcasing rice. The exotic Asian Rice Blend is great as a side dish for fish, chicken, pork or whenever a striking note of color is desired.

Great as a side dish for fish, chicken, pork
Perfect blend to accompany any Asian dish
An ideal base for stuffings or salads
Rice, red rice, bamboo leaf extract.

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