D’Avolio Carnaroli Rice

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Carnaroli Rice is plump, medium-grain white rice, considered one of the world’s most premium varieties


About The Product

Carnaroli is a medium-grain rice grown in Northern Italy most commonly used in the Italian dish risotto. It is highly prized by chefs across the globe for its bold white kernel, uniform starch release and deliciously creamy texture. Preferred by chefs for its texture, carnaroli’s resistance to overcooking makes it especially suited to risotto.

All types of risotto rice are varieties of japonica, a medium-grain subspecies of Oryza sativa. All are plump, starchy, highly absorbent, and mild in flavor. The differences between types of risotto come down to starchiness and texture.

Exquisite, creamy nutty cooked flavor and texture
Imported from Italy
White, medium grains approximately 1/4-inch long
Naturally gluten free
All natural

Use in seasonal risottos, adding baby greens, vegetables, tomatoes, basil, wild mushrooms and seafood, Use as traditional rice for an excellent entrée or side dish, Use in paella, sushi, pudding or salad.

White Rice.

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